3 Times You Should Call Us

All our current customers know that we are all about communication. Whether it's a courtesy call to remind you about an appointment with the estimators or a follow-up call to see if you have questions about your estimate, the office staff at Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista wants you to know that we're invested in making sure this process runs as smoothly as possible. But there are times when we find ourselves stuck in the middle because of a break in communication. Here are THREE times you really should call us: 1. Cancel or Reschedule Your Estimate Appointments When you call to cancel (or reschedule) estimate appointments, not only does it prevent our estimators from wasting their gas and time d

See You at the Parade!

Join us at the 60th Annual Sierra Vista Christmas Light Parade We'll be bringing a little bit of Whoville to this night of family fun with our Grinch float. Watch out for Max, the Grinch and all the citizens of Whoville! We look forward to seeing you there! NEED A FREE ESTIMATE? CONTACT US TODAY! (520) 227-8194 mrfixitsv@cox.net

From Our Family to Yours

From the Mr. Fix It family to yours, We are thankful for YOU! We couldn't be who we are today without the support and business from the local community. Thank you for trusting us with your home repairs and renovations. You have shared us with your friends and family, and together we have built better homes in Sierra Vista and surrounding area. So on this day for giving thanks (and always!), we wish you a wonderful day surrounded with all people and delicious food you love! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Mr. Fix It vs. Mr. Right Now

One of the biggest issues we run into in our line of work is fixing other companies' 'fixes'. We understand how it happens. You have an issue. You want it resolved now, but when you call us initially to set up an estimate, 'now' isn't a viable option. So instead of waiting for an opening with us, you shop around for someone else who can accommodate you. And sometimes this works out great, but more often than not, the issue recurs, and you are back to square one, paying out of pocket again for another visit from the same company that didn't do it right the first time. We are worth the wait. 50+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Our team of craftsmen has more than 50 years of experience in the construction

Got Questions? Check Out Our FAQ

Everyone has questions, especially when it comes to home repair and renovation. You want to know what our service area is, what services we provide, how/if we can handle insurance claims and more. Did you know that Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista has an FAQ here on our website? We do! You should check it out to learn a little more about us! Ready for your FREE ESTIMATE? Call us today! 520-227-8194

Services We Do Not Provide

While the team at Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista does pride itself on the wide variety of projects, there are certain services we do not provide. If available, we have provided our recommended alternate provider. This list will be updated as necessary: Appliance repair (includes water line to water/ice maker) KG Appliances – 520.458.9656 Carpet installation Nations Flooring - (520) 559-9955 Commercial kitchen repair Commercial air vents Furniture assemblage or repair Garage Door Maintenance/Repair Westover Garage - 520-227-4536 Gutters Rainy Day Gutters - (520) 458-8889 Landscaping Grasshopper Landscaping - (520) 456-8945 Pool pumps and pool-related stuff Residential dryer vents & chimney clean

3 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Contractor

Hiring a contractor is serious business, and while we at Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista understand that our customers want to save money, we also want you to be safe and protected during home renovations and repairs. Ensuring your contractor is properly licensed in Arizona will cover you from liabilities and give you recourse in case your contractor doesn’t hold up their end of the negotiated contract. 1. They are competent construction contractors. The licensing process ensures the quality of the contractors by testing their basic competency, as well as screening out dishonest people who are likely to scam you. Also, contractors like Mr. Fix It work systematically, ensuring that you have a soli

Winter is Coming... to Southeastern Arizona!

Snow-covered mountains on Fort Huachuca, AZ, 2012 Are you prepared? While we may not have the heavy snowfall and other 'typical' winter issues, here are five ways we can prepare for our winter. Drafts are Not Your Friend Wherever there's a draft, not only are you and your family uncomfortable, but you're losing energy and paying higher heating costs. The US Department of Energy shows that stopping drafts around doors and windows can reduce energy costs for a home by as much as 30%! You can help your house out by grabbing some weather stripping and caulk to seal any open areas around window frames and doors. Adding a layered drapes to windows will block out the cold. Got drafts under doorway

Leave a Review and Win!

DID YOU LOVE IT? If you love the project we've done for you, please consider leaving us a review! The best advertisement is word of mouth, and online, the best word of mouth is a review on our Google Business page! YOU COULD WIN! Starting this month, every review left on Google will be automatically entered to win a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse! The winner will be drawn on Facebook Live on December 1, 2018! Click here to leave a review (just click on 'Reviews' at the top) Thank you!

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121 N. 6th St. 

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Telephone: (520) 227-8194

Email: mrfixitsv@cox.net

Fax: (520) 335-2088 

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We are open Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM


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