Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Storm Clouds

Before the rain and heat arrive this summer, it’s important to take precautionary care of your biggest investment. Preparing your home to handle weather and temperature changes will prevent costly damages from things like water exposure or mold and microbial growth. It is also a good time for some general cleaning and home maintenance. Follow these tips and tricks for a sturdy, safe home throughout the year.

1. Inspect the roof

Look for any cracks in caulk around flashing, or cracks in rubber boots around vent pipes. For an asphalt roof, make sure shingles are flat and not curling, cracking, loose, or missing. If you have a tile roof, double check that no shingles are broken, cracked, or missing. This is also a good opportunity to look at rain gutters to make sure that they are clean and free of debris, and are properly attached with no gaps.

2. Check caulking around doors and windows

Make sure that windows and doors are properly sealed around the edges. Look for cracks or separations from the frame. Also check the weather strip at the bottom of any exterior doors for chips or cracking.

3. Look for cracks or chips in stucco and exterior paint

Properly applied paint works to protect the wood and stucco of your home from heat and rain. Make sure there are no cracks, chipped areas, or bald spots in the stucco or paint before the weather can do any damage. Repainting your home every five to ten years is usually a good idea.

4. Look for leaks

Check underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, tubs or showers, laundry rooms and exterior hoses for leaks. The longer a leak waits the worse and more expensive the problem becomes.

5. Service your water heater

Have your water heater serviced annually. Proper maintenance can extend the life and functionality of your water heater. Look for leaks in the water heater closet, and check for any possible mold.

This time of year, Mr. Fix It’s most common services include plumbing, painting, roof repairs, and remodeling. Many customers throughout our service area like us to visit their homes for a quick “checkup” to make sure everything is up to par. Exterior work, including roof repairs and painting, are popular. Annual home maintenance is so important because it can prevent more expensive problems later in the year.

Remodeling is also popular as many prepare for summer guests, or decide to treat themselves after tax season. Our most popular service is bathroom remodeling. Bathrooms are the most frequented room in the house and are used by homeowners and guests alike. Mr. Fix It does full bathroom remodels, from design to tile installation, plumbing, and more. Kitchen remodeling is another of our common services. We construct many garage additions during this time of year as well.

If you read our Home Maintenance Checklist and decide your home or office needs a little work, give us a call at (520) 227-8194. Our team will be happy to help. As always, we provide free estimates and can give you a fair price for any project, big or small. Mr. Fix It not only does roofing, plumbing, painting, and remodeling but also mold, water, and fire damage restoration, as well as many other general contracting services.

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