It's almost here ..... Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is almost over and its time to start thinking about your spring home maintenance.

Step back and take a visual inspection of your home and property.

Look up on the roof for missing or damaged tiles/shingles. Shingles that are loose cracked or buckled need to be replaced. Flashing around skylights, roof vents and chimneys needs to be inspected annually.

Look for signs cracks or movement in the concrete. The cracks should be filled and the concrete resealed.

Check for cracks in the stucco. Fill cracks with the proper sealant to prevent moisture from penetrating.

Check for bird damage or nests. The nests can create a water dam and cause roof damage and interior leaks.

Walk the perimeter

Check the outside faucets for freeze damage. Check the the hoses for dry rot as well.

Check for low spots near the foundation of your home and fill with compacted soil.

Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows and doors for dry rot.

Check seals around windows and doors.

Home ownership is a big responsibility and you can trust Mr Fix it to help you with these inspections and repairs. Call us and mention this blog for a free estimate (520) 227-8194!

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