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3 Times You Should Call Us

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All our current customers know that we are all about communication. Whether it's a courtesy call to remind you about an appointment with the estimators or a follow-up call to see if you have questions about your estimate, the office staff at Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista wants you to know that we're invested in making sure this process runs as smoothly as possible. But there are times when we find ourselves stuck in the middle because of a break in communication.

Here are THREE times you really should call us:

1. Cancel or Reschedule Your Estimate Appointments

When you call to cancel (or reschedule) estimate appointments, not only does it prevent our estimators from wasting their gas and time driving out to an unexpectedly empty house, it gives us an open slot for another customer who might not be able to wait 1-2 weeks to be seen.

2. Cancel or Holding a Pending Estimate

When you have an active estimate with us, we call for three reasons:

  1. Make sure you received the estimate,

  2. A weekly check to see if you've made a decision, need more time, or if you have questions, or

  3. Follow up for any questions you might have asked during our last call.

Of course we want to do business with you, and but we fully understand that life happens, and sometimes we're not the best choice for you for the project, due to cost or length of wait time.

We won't take it personally, if you choose to cancel.

Also, if you want to do the project, but you know you're not going to do it any time soon, please call us, so we stop calling you. We don't want to bother you, but we also appreciate the time we save not making a phone call you don't need. Instead, we'll put a note on the account and touch base with you again when you're ready.

3. When You're Ready to Go

You don't have to wait for one of our calls to let us know you're ready to get into the scheduling queue! Please call us to make arrangements. We can give you a ballpark window for project start and take any necessary deposits.

Then we will call you every Thursday or Friday to let you know if you've made it to the schedule for the following week, just to touch base and let you know we haven't forgotten about you.

Don't Want to Call?

You don't have to! Instead of calling us, you are welcome to correspond with us via the email we sent with your original estimate or email us directly at

With your help, we can keep the process running smoothly and get your project done!

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