Estimated Cost for Electrical & Plumbing

This is a living document and serves to provide an estimated cost for the following services. Please call the office for exact cost.


The following electrical services are billed at our Time & Materials (T&M) rate of $85/hour, one hour minimum. This includes time portal to portal, materials and supplies, and any applicable taxes.

  • Change batteries in smoke detectors

  • Replace smoke detector units

  • Replace fluorescent light bulbs

  • Repair/replace outlets

  • Install GFCI outlets in kitchens, bathrooms and outside

  • Repair/replace doorbell

  • Repair/replace security lights

  • Repair/replace interior and exterior lights, including pendant lights

  • Repair/replace breaker

  • Diagnose/repair loss of electrical in rooms in your house


This is an incomplete list. If you have an electrical need that isn't on this list, please contact us to find out the cost. 

Ceiling Fans

  • $125 - replace an existing fan with the new one you've picked out

  • $150 - replace an existing fan with a new one with a remote

  • If additional bracing is needed, $100 will be added to the invoice.

  • If the ceiling is over 10 feet tall or the fan is larger than 60", there may be an additional charge.


Also, if the electricians have to buy any supplies, the cost of those will be charged to you as well. 


If you do not have an existing fan or light fixture in the ceiling, we will have to send out an estimator to determine how best to proceed. While the estimate is free, the work will be a more expensive project. 

Like for Like Built-in Microwave

  • $150 - replace existing built-in microwave with new microwave

If you want us to exchange an existing hood for a new microwave, install a microwave where there isn't one currently, or if the new microwave is bigger or smaller than the old one, we will need to schedule an estimate appointment.


  • $150 - replace entire ballast, including labor and materials

Mount a TV

  • $85/hr, one hour minimum, materials and supplies

Customer must provide mount. Any drywall repairs or other adjustments must be done on an estimate.


Water Heaters

Site-built home - natural gas, electric or propane

  • $1075 - 30 gallon

  • $975 - 40 gallon

  • $1175 - 50 gallon

This cost includes a new water heater, the installation, and the removal of the old water heater. Any additional supplies or materials will be extra.

  • $350+ parts and materials - Labor only, customer provides water heater

Manufactured home - natural gas, electric or propane

  • $1000 - 30 gallon

  • $1150 - 40 gallon