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Electrical and Plumbing Time & Materials Rates

This is a living document and serves to provide an estimated cost for the following services. Please call the office for exact cost.

The following electrical services are billed at our Time & Materials (T&M) rate of $95/hour, one hour minimum. Two tradesmen are $150 per hour for T&M. This price is in addition to:

**We will be collecting payment after the project is completed.  After completion of your project the tradesmen will call the office and the office will collect your payment over the phone if using a credit or debit card.  If writing a check, the office will give you the total amount due then ask you (the customer) for the check #.  Your tradesmen will bring the check to the office; the office will email or send you via regular mail a copy of the paid in full invoice. **

This is a time and materials job at a rate of $125 per hour, in addition to travel (portal to portal), materials and supplies, and any applicable taxes. There is a one hour minimum

After hours/weekend rate 
•    $125.00 per hour time and materials
•    $150 Emergency charge

Ceiling Fans

Extra Charge if ceiling is over 10ft, check with estimator

  • Install only $225 (with customer provided fan)

  • If Ceiling fan has a remote, install is $240

  • If additional bracing is needed, $100 will be added to invoice

  • if ceiling is over 10ft or fan size is larger than 60”, there may be an additional charge


Also, if the electricians have to buy any supplies, the cost of those will be charged to you as well. 

Built-in Microwave

  • $170 (plus materials) - replace existing built-in microwave with new microwave


  • $170 - replace entire ballast, including labor and materials

Mount a TV

  • Install only - $95/hr, one hour minimum. Additional parts extra. Any drywall repairs or any additional repair requires an estimate. Customer must provide the television mount.

Electrical Flat Rates

Plumbing Flat Rates

Water Heaters

Site-built home - natural gas, electric or propane (Includes Labor)

  • $1300..................30 gallon (+$25 for city permit)

  • $1350..................40 gallon (+$25 for city permit)

  • $1375..................50 gallon (+$25 for city permit)

  • $1950..................75 gallon (special order) (+$25 for city permit)

This cost includes a new water heater, the installation, and the removal of the old water heater.

Any additional supplies or materials will be an additional cost.

  • Labor only with a customer provided water heater- $550 in addition to parts and materials

Manufactured home - natural gas, electric or propane

  • $1600..................30 gallon (+$25 for city permit)

  • $1495..................40 gallon (+$25 for city permit)


  • Install $185 (with customer provided disposal) 

  • $100 more if we provide garbage disposal and cord (from our stock/or Fergusons)



  • $170 minimum charge for the first hour, $95 per hour each additional hour plus cost of materials. Up to 100 feet.

  • Camera is an additional $170 includes 1 hour labor 

$350 (plus materials)

Install only $145 (with customer provided faucet) 


  • $145 (plus materials)  


    • *Stucco house: possibility of stucco damage, repairs would be at an additional cost, 

    • *Block house w/ galvanized pipe: possibility of the pipe coming loose and breaking inside the wall/house, we are not responsible for this, any additional repairs would be at an additional cost.


  • Remove and reset customer's toilet (if toilet is leaking from underneath) - $175 

  • Remove and install new customer provided toilet - $350

  • Install Standard low flow toilet, provided by us - $450

Grab Bars:

  • All grab bars are $225/ea, regardless of surround.

  • $200, if the grab bars are provided by customer. 

We strongly encourage that we supply the grab bars, as we use high quality, aesthetically pleasing, grab bars and provide anchors, if needed. 

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We offer a discount for any service for all military members: active duty, retired, or Reserves/National Guard! 

Projects $1000 and up - $50

Projects $500-1000 - $25

Projects less than $500 - $10

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