Sewer and Septic Lines


Sewer or septic lines are buried underground and connect your home to either a waste treatment facility (sewer line) or a septic tank (septic line). Over time, the waste carrying line can develop cracks and leak, clog and cause sewage backups in your home or yard, or tree roots may begin to grow inside the sewer/septic line and cause a blockage, among other problems.


Luckily, Mr. Fix It Plumbers are experienced in repairing and if necessary, replacing, sewer and septic lines that have developed leaks, become blocked, or collapsed. 


The plumbing team at Mr. Fix It is prepared for the entire sewer and septic line repair process. That includes locating the source of the problem with an advanced sewer line camera inspection. After the problem is located, Mr. Fix It Plumbers will excavate to expose the sewer/septic line, replace or repair the broken pipe or remove the blockage, fit, cut, and weld all necessary pipes and valves, and backfill the area that was excavated for repair. 



Sewer and Septic Line Services:


  • ​Locating the leak, blockage, or collapse

  • Camera snaking of the line

  • Sewer/septic line repair

  • Sewer/septic line replacement

  • Sewer/septic line blockage removal

  • Excavation of sewer/septic line

  • Backfilling of excavated area