Frequently Asked Questions


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How much does an estimate cost? 


Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista offers FREE estimates for all commercial and home repairs, remodels, or restoration services. We do not charge a trip-charge or fuel reimbursement fee for estimates in Sierra Vista, and there are no hidden costs. After hours emergency visits may incur an additional fee; however, you will be informed ahead of time of the exact amount of the cost.



Does Mr. Fix It do small jobs, as well as larger jobs? 


There is no size limit on the work Mr. Fix It performs. We will replace batteries in smoke detectors, hang curtain rods, or remodel your entire home! At Mr. Fix It, "One Call Does it All!" If you have a honey-do list you would like worked on over time, we are happy to price each task individually and do them one or two at a time, whenever you are ready.  



What are your rates? 


Most jobs Mr. Fix It does are estimated beforehand, free of charge. The estimator sets a price that is based on labor, materials needed, and tax. Some smaller jobs are done as "time and materials" jobs. "Time and materials" jobs are priced at a pre-set hourly rate, per man, per hour, plus tax and any materials used. 



Can I supply my own materials?


Absolutely! Some contractors may frown on this, but Mr. Fix It wants you to have exactly what you want in your home. If you find the perfect ceiling fan, faucet, lighting fixture, vanity, or anything else, call Mr. Fix It and we will be happy to install it for you! If the wrong item was purchased, we will be happy to return it for you as well. And, if you would rather us make all the purchases, we can do that too. 



I'm not sure if I should call now or let the problem wait...

It is best never to let a problem wait, especially if it is plumbing or water-related. The longer a leak is left alone, the more likely it is for water damage or microbial growth to occur. It is better to spend some money as soon as a leak, or other problem, is noticed, than wait and have to spend significantly more money and maybe even have to file an insurance claim later. If you really don't know whether or not you should leave a problem be or have it fixed right away, you can always call Mr. Fix It and ask. 



I own a rental home in Sierra Vista. What do I do if the tenant has a problem? 


As long as Mr. Fix It has written owner approval to perform the necessary repairs and the tenant has been notified ahead of time, we can help. Even if you are located out of state or country on deployment or otherwise, we will do the work. Our team makes every effort to ensure that the process goes smoothly and both tenant and owner are satisfied. 



I am filing an insurance claim and my insurance provider said they are sending someone over to do the repairs. Can I choose who they send?


Filing an insurance claim can be stressful and confusing, especially if you have never done it before. You have the right to choose exactly which contractor you would like to perform the necessary restoration services or repairs, not the insurance company. Call Mr. Fix It, and our experienced insurance claim specialists can answer any questions, and assist you through every step of the insurance claim process. 



Do you offer a labor warranty?


Mr. Fix It does offer a warranty that lasts for two years from the date of completion. Materials used may be under a manufacturer's warranty. 



What is your service area? 


Mr. Fix It provides remodeling, repair, and restoration services to Sierra Vista, Ft. Huachuca, Huachuca City, and Hereford. At this time only larger jobs, including remodels or damage restoration services, can be performed outside of Sierra Vista and Hereford. 



What are services you don't provide?


While Mr. Fix It covers a great deal of your home improvement and renovation needs, there are services we do not provide, which include but are not limited to: commercial kitchen repair, commercial air vents, appliance repair to include water line to water/ice maker, furniture assemblage or repair, testing for black mold, pool pumps or pool-related maintenance, swamp cooler/HVAC maintenance, carpet installation, window glass panes, water softener maintenance, or window/security screens. There are other items as well, but the best way to know for sure is to call the office directly to ask.