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After the Estimator, Now What?

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Welcome to the Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista's education series! Today we're going to talk about what happens after you've received your estimate so that you have a better understanding of how our business works, in hopes of clarifying what you should expect as we move forward.

1. Receive the Estimate

Typically, the estimator will email you a copy of the estimate within 2-3 business days of the appointment. However, it can take longer if there's:

  • a holiday,

  • a custom piece price we need, or

  • coordination and cost for a subcontractor.

Don't have email? We can mail it to you, or you're always welcome to stop by our 121 6th Street office to pick it up!

The office staff at Mr. Fix It is going to call you within one (1-3) business day of the estimate being sent to ensure that you've received it, as sometimes it ends up in the spam folder. When you receive it, you can reply directly to the email to let us know.

If you're getting more than one estimate, please let us know, so we know to wait a couple weeks before we touch base again.

Please review the estimate to make sure everything you wanted done is included. If you have any questions, please call the office at (520) 227-8194, and we'll get you in touch with your estimator!

2. Decision Time

At this point you have typically three options:

Yes, I want to do this

At the bottom of your invoice, it will tell you if a deposit is required to get into the scheduling process.

Once we have the deposit, your project goes into the scheduling queue.

Yes, I want to do this, but I need time

Whether you need time to coordinate funding, you won't be in town (we love our snowbirds!), you have other projects in the pipeline you'd like completed first, or whatever other personal reason you may have that prevents you from doing the project right now, just let us know! We'll happily put your project on hold until you're ready.

The estimate says it's only good for 30 days, though. True, and we'd update the estimate once you're ready to go, but typically the increase is nominal, unless you request additions to the work.

No, I don't want to do this

No problem! While we'd love to be the ones to do your project, we understand that sometimes we're not your best option. Just let us know, and we'll archive your estimate.

3. Moving Up the Scheduling Queue

You've made your deposit, if necessary, and now your project is in the queue, but what exactly does that mean?

Our scheduler and the estimators have a weekly scheduling meeting to plot out the projects to be done the following week. Projects are done in order of payment received and level of emergency. After the meeting, the office staff will call all active customers to let them know if their project made it to the schedule for the next week.

If you aren't on the schedule, you will still receive the bi-weekly email update.

If you are on the schedule, we will let you know what days we're due out to your home and confirm that this will work for you.

It's true!

If the project is outside -- roofs, exterior painting, fences, etc. -- we can do the work without bothering you. We just ask that you bring any dogs inside, if we're going to be working in the area where they usually are.

If the project is inside, we can get a key from you or provide a lockbox to allow our guys access to your home. All of our tradesmen have had comprehensive background checks, so there is no need to be worried about any possible issues.

Of course, if you want to be home, we're not going to stop you, but we want you to know there are options, because we know that sometimes scheduling time off or rescheduling appointments can be difficult!

4. Getting the Project Done

And that's it! Once we've begun your project, we send over the necessary tradesmen to make sure that it's done correctly, efficiency and to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or contact us directly at the office: (520) 227-8194 or Don't forget: 3 Times You Should Call Us

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