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10 Easy DIY Home Improvements that Make a Big Difference

Small home improvements have a great impact! Whether your home is older and needs updating, or you just want to add a personal touch, a bit of paint and wood can make all the difference.

Add crown molding to the tops of windows and doors.

Hide garage door openers, thermostats, or other unsightly switches with a hinged frame.

Add framed mirrors, painted to match, to double doors or closet doors.

Use ribbon to hang shower curtains.

Spray paint plain air vents or door knobs using metallic bronze paint for an inexpensive upgrade.

Frame the bathroom mirror.

Replace outdated plumbing fixtures, like faucets and shower-heads.

Paint window and door trim white.

Paint an accent wall.

Upgrade lighting fixtures.

If a do-it-yourself project feels daunting, call Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista, LLC.

We offer free estimates, and military and senior discounts! Our drywall technicians, painters, and handymen will be happy to help.

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