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Functional Chalkboard Paint Ideas for the Home

Chalkboard paint is one of the newest trends going on in recent years. You can put it on nearly any surface for a quick, neat looking and functional enhancement. The black, chalky surface is, however, definitely not for everyone! It can be messy, and the typical blackboard look does not go with every style. Thankfully, chalkboard paint comes in a wide variety of colors. There are even recipes that can be found online to make your own custom shade of paint. Find Martha Stewart’s recipe here. If color is not what you are looking for, they even make clear chalkboard paint! You can buy it here. There is also peel and stick chalkboards, that you can apply to walls, doors, furniture, and more! Find it here.

Here are Mr. Fix It’s top five functional chalkboard paint ideas for the home. These ideas can be done with any color of paint you want!

Hidden Chalkboard Medicine Cabinet or Cupboard

If you don’t want any paint or chalk marks openly visible but still love the idea of chalkboard paint, paint the inside of your bathroom medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinet and cupboard doors. In the bathroom it provides a space to quickly jot down reminders or morning messages. Behind kitchen cabinet doors it offers an area for shopping and to-do lists or recipe ideas.

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Find the how-to here.

Magnetic Chalkboard Refrigerator Calendar

This is a neat way to personalize and enhance an older appliance. If you aren’t planning to resell or change your mind anytime soon, paint directly on the refrigerator and make some numbered magnets for the days of the month. You can always paint with clear chalkboard paint, too!

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Here are the detailed instructions.

Chalkboard Dining Menu

If you’re tired of answering, “What’s for dinner?” every day, paint a chalkboard menu on the side of a dining room armoire or onto the kitchen pantry door. This easy project will keep family meals organized.

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Click here to find the step-by-step instructions.

Chalkboard Food Storage Container Labels

Paint the lids of mason jars and label accordingly for kitchen essentials like spices, flour, and sugar. You can also paint small strips for labelling onto plastic containers.

Read the simple how-to instructions here.

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Here is the how-to.

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