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Dear Mr. Fix It: Where's My Estimator?

Hello, Mr. Fix It family! Welcome to our new series, "Dear Mr. Fix It", where we will talk about smaller questions customers like you might have!

Dear Mr. Fix It,

I made my estimate appointment a month ago. It's the appointment time, but my estimator isn't here!

What's going on?


Here & Waiting

Dear Here,

When we schedule estimate appointments, we do it in one hour blocks. While the estimator does their best to get there at the start time. However, several factors can prevent that from happening:

- An emergency at a job site

- The preceding estimate took longer than expected

- The estimator drove from a farther part of our service area (i.e. driving into Sierra Vista from Hereford or Whetstone)

- Your appointment was not confirmed the day prior.

This is why, when the office staff calls the day before to confirm, they tell you the hour block instead of just the start time.

We understand that sometimes you're taking your lunch break to get the estimate done and cannot necessarily wait the whole hour for us to arrive. If you inform the scheduler, they will put a note on your paperwork to let the estimator know they must be there at the top of the hour.

And always, if you have a question, please contact the office at 520-227-8194 and ask!

Have a question? Please email it to, and maybe you'll be featured in a future article!

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