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Fall 2022 Home Maintenance Checklist!

It is officially fall and that means that the weather is wreaking havoc on our health and our homes! In order to keep your home in tip-top condition, Mr. Fix It is providing a handy checklist of what areas of your home need maintenance before the cold weather begins to roll in!


  • Clean your gutters.

    • Here in southern Arizona we are just at the tail end of our monsoon. Your gutters have taken a beating this year and we know it! Make sure to clear your gutters of any debris before the frost (and eventual melt) comes!

  • Remove Garden Hoses from Faucets.

    • We hear it all of the time, "We live in the desert. It doesn't freeze here." Then, oh no! There's suddenly a burst pipe. Freezes in the desert can come on unexpectedly and we hope to help you prevent an unfortunate accident. Make sure to remove your hoses from the hose bibs after use.

  • Check your roof.

    • The last thing you want this fall is to be all cozy in your house and to hear (or goodness forbid FEEL) the drip, drip, drip of a roof leak. Make sure to inspect your roof thoroughly for soft spots, missing tiles/shingles, cracks, rot, etc. Remove any debris as well as this can contribute to roof wear and tear.

  • Repair walkways.

    • No one wants trip hazards on their walkways as the holidays begin to come around. One small lifted paver and just like that, there's gifts all over the lawn or Aunt Mary's honey baked ham! If you have pavers or stone and you can see one or two lifting, remove that paver, level the ground where it should sit, replace the paver, and fill in the gaps with sand/dirt. If there are any larger projects such as concrete work, those are best left to the professionals. Call today for your free estimate!

  • Weather-strip/caulk windows & doors.

    • Sealing up any drafts can not only keep you warm and cozy this fall/winter it can also keep out unwanted critters while saving you up to 20% in energy costs! Make your holidays warm and bright by making sure all doors & windows are properly weather-stripped and caulked.

  • Touch up exterior paint.

    • Not only is this a great backdrop for Christmas cards, touching up the paint on the outside of your home it can help to extend the life of your siding and trim!


  • Inspect your furnace.

    • Make sure you check/replace your filter, belts, thermostat, and ducts. Keep your furnace well maintained to keep yourself comfortable and to increase your savings this fall.

  • Have your chimney inspected.

    • The last thing you need this fall is a dirty chimney with a blocked flue or loose bricks. Make sure to have a professional inspect, clean, and repair your chimney to keep your home clean, cozy, and smoke-free this autumn.

  • Check your safety features.

    • Make sure that all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers are in working order. Also be sure the keep all exits clear by removing clutter along your emergency exit pathways.

  • Clean your carpets.

    • No one wants summer's allergens sticking around all winter! If you have a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer, this is a great thing to do to freshen up your space! If you don't own a steam cleaner/carpet shampooer call on a professional to come breathe life back into your carpets!

  • Clean out dryer vents.

    • The humidity of the summer is gone which means that there is much more static electricity in the air. This electrical build up can ignite lint stuck in your vents, starting a house fire! Don't fall victim to a tragedy that is easily avoidable.

  • Deep clean your kitchen.

    • So many fall/winter holidays revolve around food and the kitchen. Don't let the little things spoil your holidays! Make sure to do the "once in a while" tasks well before the holidays arrive.

      • Degrease the range hood and filter. (Where did all of this grease even come from?)

      • Clean the oven. (Yes, you have to. Most ovens have self-cleaning feature. Go ahead and run that!)

      • Vacuum the refrigerator coils. (I know. Who even sees it? It'll help your refrigerator run more efficiently.)

      • Scrub the grout on your kitchen floor tile and backsplash tile. (You'll be glad you did!)

      • Dust and clean your light fixtures. (Just look up. Yes, I know, it's easy to forget. You're welcome.)

      • Wash the walls. (Your walls get touched way more than you probably realize.)

      • Wash your garbage cans. (You don't want the smell of the trash ruining your appetite.)

      • Clean all smaller appliances. (cooking and reheating food will take more of these than you realize.)

Now, all of this probably seems overwhelming. There is so much to do and so little time to do it! How are you supposed to have any time to enjoy the fall if your are preparing your home for fall the entire time? Request a free estimate and let us help you get your home into ship shape this fall.


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