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How to prepare your roof for winter.

Winter is coming and it can wreak havoc on your roof. Many people don't know exactly what to do to maintain their roof throughout the winter months. You don't have to be a professional roofer to keep your roof maintained and strong. These few simple tips and tricks will help to extend the life of your roof.

Clear out debris from your gutters.

The simple act of clearing debris from your gutters will allow water to run off your roof properly instead of sitting and soaking. Clear gutters will also give your home a more polished appearance. Be sure to have someone hold the ladder for you if you choose to clear them yourself.

Inspect the tree branches around your home.

Keep your roof clear of any branches or tree limbs that may be a hazard in the event of a storm or a heavy freeze. Overhanging branches can cause damage to your roof in many ways. Constant scraping of low branches can wear down your roofing faster than normal wear and tear would. Overhanging branches can trap moisture on your roof which will lead to leaks. Large tree limbs or branches can break off in a storm and cause major damage like holes in your roofing or even, in rare cases, cause your roof to cave in. Before winter comes, make sure to hire a professional landscaper/tree trimmer to come and clear potentially hazardous branches from your roof.

Block Drafts in attic/upper storage areas.

Ventilation areas and cracks can let in a number of elements that can be harmful to your roof. If a draft can get in, so can moisture. Small amounts of moisture over time can rot away the wooden ducking under your roofing materials and leave soft spots. These soft spots are where roof leaks eventually develop and can be quite expensive to repair. Another potential hazard that can come in through open vents is wildlife. In the winter, birds, animals, insects, and arachnids will do whatever they can to shelter from the elements. If your vents are open, you've just advertised vacancy at the attic inn. Make sure to seal those vents up tight along with any cracks where a draft can get in.

Get your fireplace cleaned, inspected, and repaired.

The winter months are getting colder and, if you have a fireplace, the urge to snuggle up in front of a cozy fire with a nice warm beverage and a good book is probably on your mind daily! Why not get your fireplace cleaned (we recommend Mad Hatters Chimney Sweep 520-378-6568), inspected, and repaired (We recommend Southwest Home & Hearth 520-378-3008).

Have your furnace and vents inspected.

The first freeze or the first snow are no time to turn on your furnace and find out it developed some issues over the summer. Start this winter with confidence by calling a licensed HVAC Service company (we recommend Mountain View Heating & Air 520-803-8884) inspect and service your furnace!


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