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2022 is coming to an end. The weather is cooling off and the leaves are changing colors. Much like the leaves, the various paint companies have changed their colors as well. We now have the Color of the Year announcements for 2023!

We start off with Sherwin Williams:


This camel-esque muted neutral color is perfectly versatile for a relaxing, sunny sitting area or a dark, moody vintage feel. This color pairs well with other muted or neutral colors. Make sure to accessorize it with a few vintage pieces and some plant life.


Next up we have Better Homes & Gardens by Walmart:

Canyon Ridge

This next color is a perfect blend of terra cotta and salmon. It is so fresh and bright. The trend in colors this coming year is definitely leaning toward retro vibes. Pair this color with a few pops of a darker, cooler color and you have invented a time machine to take you all the way back to the 60's and 70's.


Our next paint color is from Benjamin Moore:

Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is a dramatic paint color that is perfect for an accent wall or adding visual depth to your home. The warmth of this color brings out the richness in wood tones and makes lighter colors pop! Breathe life into your house and make it Raspberry Blush.


The next color we have for you is from Dunn-Edwards:

Terra Rosa

The faded velvet tones of this gorgeous paint color are calming, comforting, and classic. The warmth and softness that this paint gives off is reminiscent of a classical oil painting. Accessorize this color with warm, light woods, stones, and neutral colored fabrics for a more rustic, cottage feel. If you are going for drama, pops of black and white really make this color stand out.


Dutch Boy Paint is up next:

Rustic Greige

Understated yet unmistakable: this color is visual silk. The softness of this color almost makes you want to touch the paint to see if it is as soft as it looks. The Light neutral tone of this paint color pairs nicely with pastels, warm woods, and plant life.


Behr has brought us a real shocker this coming year:

Blank Canvas

Behr has chosen a soft off-white called Blank Canvas. Maybe it's time to start fresh with a bright, clean, Blank Canvas.


Glidden has gone in the complete opposite direction with their choice:

Vining Ivy

Vining Ivy is a gorgeous, deep teal that adds an air of mystery and intrigue. Glidden has gone with a darker, cooler tone than most of the paint companies for this coming year. This color would work perfectly in a home library or study. Be sure to pair this color with some dark woods, leathers/pleathers, and lots of books.


Krylon (an unexpected participant) is following closely on Glidden's heels with their choice:

Spanish Moss

Yet another unexpectedly dark and cool paint color is coming from one of the least expected paint companies: Krylon! When people think about home improvement, they hardly think "spray paint". Kylon is throwing their hat in the ring with unexpected project ideas in this gorgeous, stand-out color.


Valspar has provided 12 colors for 2023:

Colors of the Year 2023

Valspar couldn't pick just one color for 2023 and who can blame them?!? Instead, they went with a theme: "Comfortable. Joyous. Beautiful." With the rise in prices, people are wanting to stay home more often. Why not make your home a cozy, clean, comfortably place to be?


Do you want to get ahead of the game? Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and get these super stylish paint colors up in/ on your house!


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