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Prepare Your Porch for Winter

One often overlooked and over-used areas of a home that many wouldn't think about winterizing is the porch. Front or back, your porch, patio, or deck need a little TLC (tender love and care) before and during the cold winter months. We, here at Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista, want to help you keep your home in the best shape possible so you can enjoy it for years to come. Follow the helpful tips below to keep your porch in ship shape this winter. If you need any help with these maintenance chores, give us a call to schedule your free estimate today!


If your porch is wooden, do a thorough inspection of your porch, taking notes of any rotting, weathered, or warped slats, railings, or posts. Pay close attention to any wood touching or near the ground and your homes exterior as this is where damage occurs most often due to moisture, heat, insects, and fungi. If you notice any of your slats or posts decaying, warping, or weathered, make sure to replace them as soon as possible to avoid the problem getting worse or an injury occurring.


Make sure to keep your porch clean and cleared of debris. Moisture can get trapped under this debris and can accelerate decay. Any furniture or potted plants can also speed up decay so make sure to keep things fresh by moving the furniture around. To prevent accelerated decay, give your porch a quick once-over with a broom and lightly wash it with mild soap and water. If you were unable to waterproof your deck before the cold weather, fear not, there is still time. Make sure your deck is completely dry before attempting to waterproof it. Once your deck has been cleaned and waterproofed, it is ready for the frost and snow. a light sweeping or shoveling should take care of any frozen particulates that accumulate on your porch.


Apply slip guards to your steps, salt any icy areas that you may notice, and check that your hand-rails are strong and secure. As the weather gets colder, more people tend to come together. Your steps are a trip and slip hazard in the winter. Make sure to keep your loved ones safe this winter by winter-proofing your steps and hand-rails.

Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista is happy to help you with tips and tricks to keep your home in ship shape this winter and we are thrilled if you want to do it yourself. If you have, however, any hesitation or are unsure about performing any of these home maintenance tasks, please do not hesitate to call us and schedule a free estimate today.


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