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Built-in Shelving and Storage Ideas

Built-in shelving and storage is a neat way to customize and add character to your home. Functional, aesthetically beautiful details, like wall niches, add flare that can increase the value of your biggest investment. Custom shelving and storage solutions also diminish clutter, creating a nice way to stay clean and organized.

Floor to Ceiling Wall Shelving


Wall shelving makes all your books, DVDs, and records easily accessible and beautifully displayed. Floor to ceiling wall storage is also really easy to personalize. You can choose any material and color, as well as tailor the shelves to fit your individualized needs. Mr. Fix It designed and installed the shelving unit above! Notice the shelves built over the door, a perfect way to use previously empty space.

Built-in Desk or Workspace


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Recessed built-ins are more work but really pay off in the end. Building a desk or workspace into the wall provides more floor space and looks great. You can do this easily if you have an unused closet space. Cutting into the wall may be a more extensive project, but it would give you the opportunity to install lighting, outlets, specialty storage, and more!

Room Divider with Shelves and Storage


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If you have an open floorplan that feels a little too spacious, separate it with a built-in shelving unit or cabinets. Building walls to separate rooms can feel stuffy. Shelving units that go halfway up the wall still provide sightlines throughout the home, but separate living rooms from dining rooms for example. They also offer added storage or display space.

Custom Closet Shelving


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Custom shelving in closets can save a lot of space, as well as improve organization. Clothes closets or storage closets can both benefit from built-in shelving.

Storage under Windows


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Space beneath windows is often wasted, but a custom made storage unit can really look amazing, and better utilize the space. Open shelving, glass front cabinets, or closed cabinets are just a few of the options for under window storage.

Staircase Storage

staircase builtin shelving.jpg

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Shelving can be built around stairs in a number of ways. People often cut into the side of their staircase to create recessed shelves. Some even install pullout drawers beneath steps! Simpler ideas include shelves built on either stair wall that work with the shape of the staircase.

If you would like to construct custom shelving or storage in your home or office, call Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista. We have years of custom carpentry experience and offer FREE estimates! Call (520) 227-8194.

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