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Dear Mr. Fix It: There's a Bubble!

Hello, Mr. Fix It family! Welcome to our new series, "Dear Mr. Fix It", where we will talk about smaller questions customers like you might have!

Dear Mr. Fix It,

After one of the last rainstorms, I noticed a small bubble in my ceiling. A couple of days later, it was this massive one! I think my roof has a leak!

I called you to get someone to look for the leak, but this bubble is getting bigger! What do I do?

Waiting for Rain... Inside!

Dear Waiting,

With all the recent wetness in our area, Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista has received many phone calls about roof leaks. While we're busy scheduling our estimators to get out to fix the source of your leak, it is important that we talk about water bubbles that can appear on interior walls and ceilings inside your house.

What should I do?

Pop it!

Sometimes it can take weeks from estimate to fixing the issue. The longer the water sits behind the paint, the more damage it will do the drywall, and especially with ceilings, which will fall into the house if the drywall gets too wet and heavy.

The best preventative measure is pop the bubble. This will get the water away from the drywall and lessen the amount of overall interior damage to your house.

All you need is something to catch the water and something sharp to pierce the layer of paint.

Check out this video for a demonstration:

Contact us immediately! The sooner you get us involved, the better!

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