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Dear Mr. Fix It: Estimator Appointments

Hello, Mr. Fix It family! Welcome to our new series, "Dear Mr. Fix It", where we will talk about smaller questions customers like you might have!

Dear Mr. Fix It,

I wanted to get a project done by you guys, because I've heard good things about you, but when I called in, the girl who answered the phone said your next appointment was 3 to 4 weeks out! Why are you so booked out? How does anyone get anything done over there?


Frustrated and Flustered

Dear Frustrated,

We always want to help all potential customers, but our schedule is almost always booked out 3-4 weeks out. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Free Estimates Means Lots of Appointments

Providing free estimates is one of our biggest eye-catching customer offerings.

The front office fields 20-35 calls a day for appointments on a normal day. Bad weather days, it's typically more. This is a Monday through Friday reality and adds up to an easy 100-175 calls every week.

When We Do Estimate Appointments

We have TWO estimators, whom we schedule for 5-6 estimate appointments on Tuesdays through Thursdays in one hour blocks. (read: Where is my estimator guy?) This gives us potentially 18-24 available slots every week.

We limit their time out of the office to Tuesday-Thursday, because the estimators have time to be in the office to write up your estimates, which can take 3-5 business days and wholly depends on how much they're out in the field. While estimates are a big part of their job, they also have non-estimate responsibilities, like project site visits, vendor coordination, revisits, customer office visits, emergency mitigation, etc.

ALSO, our estimators are specialized in certain types of projects. Whether it's roofing or remodeling, microbial mitigation or painting, we want to make sure you get scheduled with the best fit for your project. This limits the number of available appointments to 6-9 every week.

Are We Worth the Wait?


We Perform Quality Work

Take a quick glance at our business listing on Google:

( You can read the reviews by Googling 'Mr Fix It of Sierra Vista'.)

We have a TWO YEAR Warranty on Our Labor

That means if we fix your roof and a year later, it's leaking again in the same place, we will come out and address the issue for free, as part of our comprehensive two year warranty.

We are Licensed and Bonded

This means we are qualified to work on your projects that require a licensed and bonded contractors.

We Offer Discounts for Military and Referrals

We have a $50 discount for all active duty, retirees and veterans.

We also have a referral program, too, for your future projects:

$25 off any project $100-249 OR $50 off any project $250 or more

You'll get a postcard in the mail that you can use as coupon every time someone books a job with us and tells us you referred them!

So while we understand that some projects just can't wait, we hope you will choose us for all those that can.


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